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  1. So like, I was thinking...
  2. Middle East Internet Outage
  3. Ronnie "Star Wars" Reagan
  4. Holy shit, I'm scarred.
  5. Awesome ad...
  6. Honestly, fuck that cunt Jean...
  7. Heath Ledger death ruled "Accidental Overdose"
  8. Rick Rolled
  9. Holy shit, the Joker is alive and selling drugs in New Orleans...
  10. Drug laws are fucking crazy in the US, but even worse in Dubai...
  11. Great....The start of a new cold war has begun.
  12. Euros do it different.
  13. Should Cj man up and drink with Rob on the next episode?
  14. W.
  15. Grape drink
  16. Being Sick and Not smoking..
  17. Cj will be a married man shortly!
  18. my new car!
  20. Get to Know Me
  21. Facts of Life, I guess....
  22. This is fucking amazing
  23. I hate bees and spiders and OMG KILL IT WITH FIRE
  24. T-Shirt
  25. Crafto just moved to Cali
  26. Don't sell pot to pretty girls you don't know..
  27. Fuck Marie Claire Magazine
  28. I just don't get it....
  29. Gary Gygax dead...Missed his saving roll.
  30. Patrick Swayze put in the corner....by cancer...
  31. I hate sick people.
  32. get paid to catch malaria!
  33. The Letter "W": Racist ? Sexist against women? Or both?
  34. Women's ass grew over toilet seat
  35. I've got a problem
  36. Camera Angles
  37. Best Avatars
  38. Man loses his right to bang his sister in Germany...Wait, what?!
  39. Who knew the Golden Girls were killers?
  40. Jesus Jumped Up Christ...Poor Impulse Control....
  41. Oh, those crazy Germans are at it again....
  42. Mira Sorvino
  43. No new podcast this week...
  44. Oh Texans...How not smart you are.....
  45. companion cube
  46. "Om lingalingalingalinga, kilikilikili?."
  47. UK woman can't handle her drugs...
  48. According to scientists, I'm awesome at sex...
  49. Florida is full of retards apparently....
  50. Back in the day...
  51. Pure and Utter Randomness!
  52. I love you man!
  53. google searches
  54. Amazing. Now this is a story...
  55. For Ari #2
  56. Tonz of Gunz
  57. The road is in front of you not under your fucking seat
  58. Woo!
  59. Fun with Cashiers!
  60. Yep, that'll show em...
  61. time readers = idiots
  62. Cj
  63. What better mentor for a 10-year-old than Charles Manson?
  64. Albert Hoffmann- RIP
  65. The Impulsive Buy
  66. The Whiskeyburger shot....OMG...
  67. Random line from a flick that would make a wrong number freak out.....
  69. The dangers of not screening your product testimonials...
  70. The best invention ever?
  71. Taking goddamn initiative...
  72. The new hit craze! NSFW!
  73. The BACONATOR...
  74. Trepanation....INCA STYLE!
  75. To the guests I constantly see lurking about...
  76. Six Flags over Jesus
  77. People who have pictures of themselves as their wallpaper : lame
  78. Suge Knight got knocked out by who?
  79. who says the customer is ALWAYS right?
  80. board games
  81. My 1000th Post
  82. Yeah, so what if I like to fuck cars?
  83. She's hot, not a bad actress, but can't sing to save her life
  84. I need a life
  85. Sell your baby!
  86. Tripping the taste buds fantastic...
  87. The Curious Case of Abraham Smashington: A make your own adventure story.
  88. Frogs creep me out...
  89. Kids today have it easy...
  90. The Curious Case of Abraham Smashington Teaser Poster
  91. Big B's Latest Addition to the Family
  92. Herman Perry - WWII AWOL Headhunter
  93. Rainn Wilson teddybear cock piece
  94. New Blood!
  95. New In The Studio Store
  96. 10,000 post!
  97. Do you know the best way to wake up?
  98. get your drank on.
  99. Hey, what's that?
  100. An epic tale of shame, love, drinking, and bodily fluids....
  101. Who's better?
  102. Steve is my new hero...
  103. You live through some horrific shit only to be branded: Incest Dungeon Girl
  104. what does your name mean?
  105. Dinosaur Comics must have listened to Last Episode...
  106. Can You Survive an Animal Attack?
  107. Dominos Oven Baked Sandwiches
  108. Jesus Christ. Tila Tequila is a vapid whore...
  109. Puffer fish attacks boy's testicles
  110. I'll burninate you with my h2so4.
  111. If Obama is President...will we still call it the White House?
  112. i'd fight my way...
  113. Becareful when protesting a new store opening...
  114. My Kind of Tent
  115. Wow. Shipbreakers... Wow...
  116. I have found the best invention ever made for someone like me...
  117. Sex Phone Operators
  118. Need a cure for AIDS or Impotence?
  119. Screw Chuck Norris, Bruce Campbell Is Where It's At!
  120. The Movie Haiku Game!
  121. Jeff Fahey: THE MAN, THE MYTH, LEMONADE!
  122. The Goat Sleeps At Midnight: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story
  123. The BK Crown Card
  124. Gay bashing = No Goodski here
  125. Slap Your Co-Worker Day
  126. apocalypse? FUCK THAT SHIT!
  127. For Sale- Rims and Car Stereo stuff
  128. Don't fuck with Poison Ivy...
  129. I fucking hate bugs
  130. Alright you CA Podcaustians, grab your guns. It's time to go hunting...
  131. deal of the day!
  132. Haha. Awesome. Maybe now I won't see a store on every corner.
  133. Random links!
  134. bttf: part 2 shoes!
  135. Art Bell and Tool
  136. Nature is fucking epic
  137. In downtown Seattle tomorrow!
  138. promoting with GAX online
  139. What was Blaine like as Govenor?
  140. 5,000!
  141. Fuck. We are all gonna die like sharks and bears!
  142. Jesus Fucking Christ! Imagine finding one of these along with a nest in your food....
  143. Ian Malcolm wouldn't be happy about this...
  144. Heading to ValleyFair...
  145. Ghost In A Box
  146. Anybody read this guy's stuff?
  147. Earthquake!!!!!!!!
  148. And so it begins. The gates of hell have opened.
  149. Turn down that music or I'll fucking cut off your head...
  150. D Bag Photos
  151. Welcome to Ohio, it's the best state ever! For serious!!
  152. UPS is staffed by dishonest retards.
  153. So many dead people....
  154. Jon Voight doesn't dig Obama
  155. This is too epic. Seriously. Awesome.
  156. And his plan almost worked...
  157. I've got worms!
  158. Ninjas Arrested
  159. akwarrrrd IM conversation
  160. New Contest..
  161. 16 secrets the Restaurant industry doesn't want you to know....
  162. Wanna see something gross...
  163. Abe Sapien born in Turkey
  164. I know I drank too much last night...
  165. Could this be the identity of the Zodiac killer?
  166. Did this guy have it made or what?
  167. Rage At The RNC
  168. Hey Heather Mills, You're a Cunt!
  169. Halloween costume ideas?
  171. Don't forget about Sept 19th
  172. I am so jealous of this guy...
  173. President Bartlett talks with Obama
  174. *shewts yew wif laz0rs*
  175. How dumb is Sarah Palin?
  176. Damn, this is one awesome bank robber...
  177. The Continuing Adventures of Abraham Smashington: ABE IN SPACE!
  178. Wow. Someone needs to find Paul Hogan to kick this kid's ass
  179. economic crisis
  180. Mr. Gay, say it ain't so.....
  181. Iceland is melting...MELLLLTTTIIINNNGGG!
  182. PG PORN
  183. Guardian Angels
  184. Weird dreams
  185. Locke downloads at 14.4
  186. musk oxen preventing me from sitting down
  187. Car questions
  188. If condoms werent invented what would you use?
  189. magic: the gathering nerds are hardcore!
  190. Charlton Heston...was Ready for the Zombies
  191. XM & SIRIUS Together at last
  192. Hey you! Vote tomorrow!
  193. Prop 8
  194. Changes to the forum
  195. He should have watched Dexter...
  196. Dogfish Breweries: An Essay from The New Yorker
  197. "I told u I was hardcore"
  198. Back on 3rd shift
  199. Welcome to ERF!
  200. Cable. We haz it.
  201. CJ - This could have been your life - ICP funeral
  202. Zombie Haikus
  203. Minnesota/Wisconsin, not as bad as Ohio but we're trying!
  204. damnit...
  205. My cat is a goddamn moron..
  206. Now this is a goddamn drunk....
  207. "male science nerds are most likely virgins."
  208. roger ebert pwns ben stein
  209. OMFG....
  211. 50 years in jail for photoshop abuse?
  212. Attacked by a Zombie!!!!
  213. When shit gets bad...lighten the mood here
  214. Note to self: Never bleed in the water in the Amazon
  215. Moving
  216. Adolf Hitler can't have cake...until Walmart steps in
  217. Zombie Hunt!!@
  218. Fanboys
  219. Tire information that everyone should know
  220. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's Memory shall live on!!!
  221. Ummm can you say crazy
  222. hohoho, merry christmas!
  223. Great Quotes
  224. The Most Awesome Shit You've Ever Seen
  225. Should someone really be this smart @ age 9
  226. Child slaves?
  227. One of my favorite porn stars jailed for 6 months
  228. Thor will kick your ass...
  229. For Free!!! For Free!!!!
  230. 'Noh my god......
  231. In space, noone can hear you scream. But they can hear you roar...
  232. Not into the Super Bowl, then stay for the commercials and Movie previews
  233. I think Christian Bale is a tad upset...
  234. What the shit is wrong with kids today?
  235. The GSAT
  236. KKK? Jesus fucking christ....
  237. Fertility Clinic Whore
  238. Fileplanet account?
  239. Lols police
  240. North Dakota is worse than both Ohio and Minnesota...
  241. Dead celebs...
  242. Atlantis!
  243. Amputee becomes Mermaid...
  244. I'm gonna fuck the hell out of my mom's minivan...
  245. What does one TRILLION dollars look like?
  246. Saw + Sex Toy = OUCH!
  247. Val Kilmer is beyond the beyond
  248. I need money...cause I'M FUCKING FAT!
  249. Happy St. Patty's Day
  250. I need money...because I'M A FUCKING CAT!