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  1. Darth Vader is all about that WOO WOO!
  2. Post links to your favorite videos here!
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  5. Monkey Steals the Peach
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  7. Church signs
  8. The Day the Penis asked for a Raise
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  10. Pew Pew
  11. One-Liners
  12. Engrish!
  13. 4chan is horrible
  15. Funny Pics
  16. google maps
  17. How is babby formed? (old apparently, but new to me and made me laugh)
  18. comedians
  19. This deserves its own thread...
  20. Nerdious Humor
  21. Movies in Real life.
  22. Cheech & Chong reunite
  23. What has two thumbs and dispenses medications in Europe?
  24. Pranks
  25. This shirt cured my Aids!
  26. I can't help it...
  27. Superuseless Superpowers
  28. hores!
  29. Star Trek Edits
  30. Why the fuck do you have a kid?
  31. Hipsters
  32. Manbabies!
  33. Fuck My Life
  34. Need a job? Become a male whore
  35. Pics that make you go 'WTF'!
  36. Star Wars: Uncut
  37. Patton Oswalt at the State Theater
  38. You gonna get....and other assorted nonsense.
  39. I want swine flu
  40. PROPECIA THE CRACK WHORE is my new hero.
  41. Why isn't the Peppa Guy SNL bit on the interwebs?
  42. The Retarded Policeman
  43. Like Father, Like Son
  44. Lamebook
  45. "Everytime your bitch burp, you smell my balls in the air."
  46. Nostradamus Predicts Vikings To Win Superbowl
  47. Doug Stanhope - From Across The Street
  48. The year in band names
  49. donkDJ.com
  50. Movies represented by Atari 2600 Game Boxes...
  51. AXE COP
  52. Nestle Hotline
  53. The Fail/Win Chronicles...
  54. Gary Busey does Science
  55. dating online weirdos/loser/interesting people....
  56. A Plain Old Joke Thread...
  57. That guy who did the Phantom Menace review? His AoTC review is up!
  58. My Very Worst Date.com!
  59. Andy Kaufman back from the dead?
  60. Taking A Pop Star To A Knife Fight...
  61. How many, bitches?
  62. Awkward Celebrity Photos
  63. Editing the Dead - a choose your own adventure on YouTube based on NotLD
  65. Amazing Strangers
  66. Animated Gif of the Day!
  67. Suri Cruise's "Burn Book"
  68. The Thrilling Worktime Adventures of Hocken & Kablinski
  69. 50 Shades of Grey Sex Scene Generator